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Skidaddle lead regular visual arts workshops in painting, drawing, photography, costume making, crafts, and the study and appreciation of Art.

Here's a selection of the many projects we do. Please click on the links to learn more. 


Scenic Art family workshop

Inspired by 'The Nutcracker ballet'

Watch the film to see our silhouette workshop too, at the


Anime Mural community workshop

Created at 


Little House in the Woods, Lantern Making

A themed workshop, presented before the concert by the

Silhouette portrait workshop

Inspired by the opera 'The Firework Makers Daughter' at the

Royal Opera House

Silhouette portrait workshop

Inspired by the Man Ray exhibition for

The National Portrait Gallery

Costume making at the

'Dark Disco' Silhouette

A Workshop for young adults, inspired by the "Dark Monarch' exhibition at the

Tile painting family workshop at


Emotional Medical Kits

Watch the film to learn more about what we do in the

Gustave Klimt workshop at


Coram Nursey workshop for  

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